Our Team

Ronald Honn, MS, LAADC

Program Administrator

Hello, My name is Ron and I am an addict in recovery! I am a Southern California native who can personally say the disease of addiction has had a dramatic impact on my life and the lives of those close to me. Fortunately, I was rescued from the depths of my disease and given an opportunity to be a part of something that would dramatically change me in ways I never knew possible. As a result of my own struggles I felt a personal obligation to become a part of the solution rather than maintaining consistency as part of the problem. In conjunction with my personal journey of recovery I returned to school in an effort to be the most efficient and effective instrument of change I could be. As a result I currently hold a MS in Psychology, am licensed as an LAADC, and am a newly appointed adjunct professor at San Bernardino Valley College . I have a passion for working with addicts and alcoholics and absolutely love what I do.

Ashley Phillips, MA, LMFT

Program Director

As a clinician I specialize in Substance Use Disorders with co-occurring disorders. My philosophy is to see the good, seek to understand, and to have unconditional positive regard. I guide clients to see their best selves and have the skills to maintain their core values in all aspect of their lives. As a co-founder of New Origins my personal dream and goal was to provide a different environment for treatment; treating with respect and compassion, individualized to need, and promoting healthy balanced living. I am honored to have partnered with Ron to provide person-centered treatment, teach application of skills, and to invite our clients into the New Origins Family and learn how to live.

Richard Romero, CADC II

Counseling Staff

Hello, my name is Richard. I am an addict in recovery. I was stuck in active addiction for over 15 years. All I knew since adolescence was addiction and the lifestyle surrounding addiction. It seemed all I had to look forward to was jails, institutions, and death. Through the grace of God I was brought to recovery and was taught a new way to live. Since        then, I have dedicated my life to help those suffering from the disease of addiction. I have worked in the field of drug and alcohol counseling for over 5 years and I am grateful for the miracles that have taken place in my life. I strive to be a better professional and better person in recovery.

Alfredo Lopez, RADT I

Counseling Intern

My name is Alfredo Lopez, and I myself am a grateful recovering addict. After having spent many years lost in a hole of darkness and insanity, detached from society, I was given a second chance in life. This new way of life is truly a miracle from God through the most loving and caring people of New Origins. My personal transformation being proof, has inspired me to make the same happen to others suffering with the disease of addiction. I have taken the necessary steps to start my career as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and will delightfully continue my journey with New Origins. Utilizing my skills and knowledge I will provide the care and support for our patients as well as the life skills necessary to cope with a new way of life.

Phillip Rollins

Counseling Staff

Throughout my life, I’ve become all too familiar with the severe internal and external consequences of addiction. As a recovering addict, I found peace, solution and a desire to inspire and support those in their journey of recovery. I aspire to be a life long student, continuing to refine my knowledge and abilities. I chose to work at New Origins based on the unique, caring and professional approach continually expressed at every level. Working in this field has added immense depth to my life that I’m truly grateful for. I look forward to working with the individuals that see fit to allow us the opportunity to do so.

John Bauer

Administrative Assistant 

My name is John Bauer and I am an addict in recovery. I spent years in the depths of addiction, imprisoned in my own mind, trying to fight my way out of it, and could never find a solution. It affected my life tremendously and the people around me as well. Until I chose to surrender and change my life. Now I have a completely different outlook on life. I reached out and asked for help and I learned how to live in the solution not the problem. My passion in life is to now reach my hand out and help others who are suffering just as I was, and show them it is possible to recover and they don't have to suffer anymore. I am an optimistic, grateful, responsible, and productive member of society today. Working with New Origins is a blessing. Nothing in life makes me happier then getting to work with whole hearted people who want to change lives, and being a part of their team, that helps them achieve those goals. The heart of every co-worker is in the right place and it shows everyday. I am honored to be apart of the team at New Origins and to help guide the clients into finding a better way to live.

Clayton Shamel

Peer Support

Hello, my name is Clayton Shamel. I am an addict living in the spiritual principles of recovery. I will admit that through recovery I am still not perfect, and never will be. I have progressed to a point in my life to where I enjoy giving back to the community what was so freely given to me. I also love knowing that I am working for an amazing place that truly works miracles in peoples’ lives. I love sharing my experience, strength, and hope to every new face that walks through that door, because I was once in that position and have much empathy for an addict new in recovery.

Luke Landri

Peer support

Hi my Name is Luke John Landri, I was a struggling addict who lost his drive, goals, spirituality, passion, and love for life . I never fathomed that I needed help or had a problem, only need help getting more of my drug of choice . Thankfully, I finally accepted I needed help, after beating my head against the impenetrable wall of addiction. Being an athlete my whole life I was not one to admit defeat, or give up. I have since discovered, surrendering is neither. I am now a surrender accepting, driven, goal oriented, spiritual, passionate, willing, loving, grateful, and productive member of my community. I know I would not be where I am today without the care, love, respect, empathy, treatment, and guidance that I have be given at New Origins. Words can not describe how grateful I am to be a part of New Origins.  I hope to be a beacon and give back what has so freely be given to me, to struggling addicts.

Justin Alexander

Peer Support

Hello my name is Justin Alexander and I'm a grateful recovering addict. For ten years I was stuck in the cycle of insanity from my substance abuse and my behavior. New Origins introduced me and guided me into a new way of life where I am now able to be a productive member of society. Now I am blessed to give back to others what was freely given to me by spreading my experience and hope to show others it is possible to find recovery and move on with your life in a positive direction.

Kaitlyn Bentley, AMFT


As a clinician, I love working alongside clients as they discover their inner reserves of courage while learning to go through emotional pain, rather than around it. I take a highly strengths-based, compassionate approach while incorporating practical skills to aid in recovery. I also incorporate values-oriented techniques into treatment, encouraging clients to explore the qualities that make them unique human beings. I have experience working with substance use and co-occurring disorders, and am truly honored to serve the clients here at New Origins.

Chris Hergenrother

Peer Support

My name is Chris Hergenrother, since the age of 15 I’ve struggled with substance abuse, that robbed me of my full potential and lead me down roads that were the darkest times of my life. Chaos and dis function was all I knew until I discovered a new way to live, and with the help of New Origins I opened my eyes for the first time and realized my truth in life, and how to walk a new path that consists of integrity. Today I am proud to call myself a grateful recovering addict who strives to be the man God always saw fit for me to be, and along this new Journey my goal is to help still suffering addicts through their recovery process.

"When the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than our fear of change we will surely let go"

NA It Works How and Why pg. 64

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